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Athiti Devo Bavah” – the guest is always considered to be a representative of god, is practiced in Kerala to the core

The host-guest relationship in India is truly one of the most revered relationships. The unique practice of giving utmost importance and preferential treatment to the guests clearly explains the fact that why our country’s history has several notable examples of ‘Atithi Satkar’. An integral part of the Indian culture, it says that every guest should be treated like God. No distinction should be made based on the guest’s caste, colour or creed and he/she should be showered with all love, care and affection.

Hospitality becomes more homely stay arrangements and in opportunities, Kerala is the pioneer state in India. Interestingly, even after so many years have lapsed, nothing has changed. ‘Atithi Satkar’ in India retains the same meaning which it did in ancient times - treating our guests to the finest hospitality. And it starts from welcoming guests with a smile, making them ‘feel like home’ and seeing them off with pleasant memories.

Thanks to these deeply rooted value-systems, our country – India and its people never ceases to amaze foreign tourists. In all, our modern-day values of ‘Atithi Satkar’ are the glittering badge of multitudinous cultures that has been part of this great country since times immemorial.

Wayanad is a well known spot in the tourism map of India serving large number of domestic as well as international tourists every year. If you are looking to make Wayanad your next holiday destination, the Sanjeevani should be on your list.

Its a wonderful comfortable space in the heart of the town and yet away from its disturbance. With a springing up in every corner, and the city so immersed with travelers, one might look out for a peaceful stay in the touristy chaos.

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